UniHIPE is a tool developed to interface the standard photometric level1 data of the PACS and SPIRE instruments with the Unimap mapmaker.
Unimap is written in Matlab and it was developed for processing Herschel photometric data acquired in scan mapping mode and for producing high quality maps (see the Unimap webpage to get the code and to download documentation). Input data suitable for Unimap can be produced on any machine where Hipe is installed by using the UniHIPE tool.

At present, the released UniHIPE version is the 4.0.

The tool requires HIPE installed in your computer (v.12 or greater).
In order to install HIPE follow the link: http://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/herschel/hipe-download

To generate final maps you have to install Unimap:to install Unimap follow the link http://infocom.uniroma1.it/unimap/


To install UniHIPE 4.0:

  1. Launch HIPE
  2. Go to Tools menu > Plugins and click Install new... button in the plugins window
  3. A new window will be open: you can copy directly the link at the jar file on the SSDC website: http://herschel.ssdc.asi.it/files/UniHipePlugin_4.0.jar in the text field or select the jar file from a local directory if you have already downloaded the plugin. A popup window will inform you if the installation process worked as expected.
  4. Restart HIPE

Now UniHIPE is added to the HIPE task list (look for uniHipe under SPIRE or PACS task list, for the HIPE help please refer to HIPE manual). For running UniHIPE and getting information, please read carefully the instructions at the help page: UniHIPE4.0_help.html

To install UniHIPE 3.0:

If the new version is not compatible with your scripts, you can still download and install the old UniHIPE 3.0 using the following instructions. Note that this old version doesn't integrated the Unimap.

Downloand the UniHIPE TAR file: unihipe_3_0.tar

Software requirements: an HIPE version must be installed in the computer.

Installation: select a working directory and untar the tar file inside (tar -xvf unihipe_x_y.tar). After untaring the tar file, the bash file "unimap_hipe" and the subdirectory "Scripts", with several python scripts, are present in your working directory. If necessary make the unimap_hipe file executable.

For running UniHIPE 3.0 and getting information, please read carefully the instructions contained in the README file embedded in the TAR file.